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I've found it, I've found the video YouTube was built for.

video games, unpopular opinion? 

I started a New Game+ on Horizon: Zero Dawn the other day and it's astounding how much more enjoyable it is than Breath of the Wild. Zelda stresses me out. I feel like I can actually get lost in Horizon.

cute stuff 

If you can read this, you're cute. Snouts, sheps, jazz and picross are all fantastic things so you're four for four right now, dang

“You’re listening to Bass Arena on Horizon Radio”

This is the only beer I will ever drink, now, apparently.

I've been spending the last couple days in Colorado and ho boy. ❤️

Yap! I'm Vey, a northeastern coyote from Brooklyn. I do music things (occasionally on a stage), tend to nerd out about games, movies, coffee, techno, Blade Runner and Nine Inch Nails, and post about coyote misadventures.

My ref below was drawn by the insanely talented Higsby. More art and references can be found at, along with a list of all places I might be found - social media, musically, or otherwise.

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