Hey friends. Been a while since I’ve tooted. Maybe it’s time to jump back on here for a lil bit.

Spending the weekend in Saratoga Springs, NY for the weekend. Three-plus mile hike is exactly what I needed.

Seven years with this snep. And she’ll be my wife in nearly four months. I’m such a lucky yote. Love you, babe 💖

Yaptoot! I’m alive!

New icon here to match birdsite. Madly in love with this absolutely hot af badge from Garnetto. I can’t wait to print and wear this boy. ✌️


@Ace@snouts.online I did know this, but the reminder is appreciated!!

Level 28 today!! No new abilities, but XP boost feels good. 🎂


@hi_cial Man I can't even imagine what that's like but I know how rough that shit is, but I'm glad you're here and I'm glad you're kicking that cancer in the ass. Love ya so much ❤️

Sup y'all~ I gotta use this more.

Hello hi, I'm a yote. Yap bark woof wag.

@Inazuma Ah wow!! I'm gonna have to keep you in mind for art things now <3

nsfw, BDSM, paws 

oh no, what did Vey get himself into this time~

A crop from a SUPER KINKY COMMISSION from RedFeatherStorm, and my first ever NSFW one. I'll post the whole thing soon enough :3 coyote.social/media/RZnUuKevyG

Still can't believe I bit the bullet on some nsfw art this week. May have gone a little over the top with it~ can't wait till it's done.

lewd joke, picture is sfw 


selfie (+) 

I put on my collar tonight and it made me feel super grounded and warm and happy. Good, valid coyote. coyote.social/media/rB9vc7J0T2

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