Yaptoot! I’m alive!

New icon here to match birdsite. Madly in love with this absolutely hot af badge from Garnetto. I can’t wait to print and wear this boy. ✌️

nsfw, BDSM, paws 

selfie (+) 

Got my Satisfye grip and case today! It feels incredible and as someone who plays a Switch in handheld mode 95% of the time, it's a must. Highly recommended, was so worth the Kickstarter backing. coyote.social/media/-wqrqMvf4T coyote.social/media/tbJ_9Wn9F1 coyote.social/media/T_kU7YVZRZ

I met some friends tonight. Please enjoy this photo of the friends in question. coyote.social/media/PkhsDAvlUH

“You’re listening to Bass Arena on Horizon Radio”

This is the only beer I will ever drink, now, apparently.

I've been spending the last couple days in Colorado and ho boy. ❤️

Yap! I'm Vey, a northeastern coyote from Brooklyn. I do music things (occasionally on a stage), tend to nerd out about games, movies, coffee, techno, Blade Runner and Nine Inch Nails, and post about coyote misadventures.

My ref below was drawn by the insanely talented Higsby. More art and references can be found at ref.st/vey, along with a list of all places I might be found - social media, musically, or otherwise.

Thanks for stopping by! 🐾🐺


coyote.social is a mastodon instance for coyotes. Really, it's an instance for any creature on the internet. There were no canine furry-adjacent Mastodon that looked appealing, so I made my own.