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Yap! I'm Vey, a northeastern coyote from Brooklyn. I do music things (occasionally on a stage), tend to nerd out about games, movies, coffee, techno, Blade Runner and Nine Inch Nails, and post about coyote misadventures.

My ref below was drawn by the insanely talented Higsby. More art and references can be found at, along with a list of all places I might be found - social media, musically, or otherwise.

Thanks for stopping by! 🐾🐺

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Still can't believe I bit the bullet on some nsfw art this week. May have gone a little over the top with it~ can't wait till it's done.

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I shared the news on birdsite last night, but girlsnep said yes <3

Stan Lee helped create one of my favourite universes that would, on some days, help me enjoy this one a little more. What an incredible legacy to leave behind.

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Hey, I'm Vey and I'm yotin' for a votin'. 🇺🇸

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FUCK I learned there's a

Been really enjoying taking photos of city infastructure recently! Here are a few favourites from Philly and Brooklyn, including yesterday's marathon.

Got my Satisfye grip and case today! It feels incredible and as someone who plays a Switch in handheld mode 95% of the time, it's a must. Highly recommended, was so worth the Kickstarter backing.

I've found it, I've found the video YouTube was built for.

I met some friends tonight. Please enjoy this photo of the friends in question.

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@Ace Snouts, sheps, jazz and picross are all fantastic things so you're four for four right now, dang

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