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Yap! I'm Vey, a northeastern coyote from Brooklyn. I do music things (occasionally on a stage), tend to nerd out about games, movies, coffee, techno, Blade Runner and Nine Inch Nails, and post about coyote misadventures.

My ref below was drawn by the insanely talented Higsby. More art and references can be found at, along with a list of all places I might be found - social media, musically, or otherwise.

Thanks for stopping by! 🐾🐺

Hey friends. Been a while since I’ve tooted. Maybe it’s time to jump back on here for a lil bit.

Spending the weekend in Saratoga Springs, NY for the weekend. Three-plus mile hike is exactly what I needed.

Seven years with this snep. And she’ll be my wife in nearly four months. I’m such a lucky yote. Love you, babe 💖

Yaptoot! I’m alive!

New icon here to match birdsite. Madly in love with this absolutely hot af badge from Garnetto. I can’t wait to print and wear this boy. ✌️

Level 28 today!! No new abilities, but XP boost feels good. 🎂

Sup y'all~ I gotta use this more.

Hello hi, I'm a yote. Yap bark woof wag.

nsfw, BDSM, paws 

oh no, what did Vey get himself into this time~

A crop from a SUPER KINKY COMMISSION from RedFeatherStorm, and my first ever NSFW one. I'll post the whole thing soon enough :3

Still can't believe I bit the bullet on some nsfw art this week. May have gone a little over the top with it~ can't wait till it's done.

selfie (+) 

I put on my collar tonight and it made me feel super grounded and warm and happy. Good, valid coyote.

Stan Lee helped create one of my favourite universes that would, on some days, help me enjoy this one a little more. What an incredible legacy to leave behind.


In 2016 I did the whole "watch CNN/NYT and countdown in real time how our country decides to lean" thing, and for self-care reasons that is not something I will do tonight. I'm gonna have a beer and play some music and will try to stay positive.

Hey, I'm Vey and I'm yotin' for a votin'. 🇺🇸

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Got my Satisfye grip and case today! It feels incredible and as someone who plays a Switch in handheld mode 95% of the time, it's a must. Highly recommended, was so worth the Kickstarter backing.

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